Peru Celso Carrasco - Washed

Keppler Koffie 250gr
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Keppler Koffie 250gr

Peru Celso Carrasco - Washed


Lisanne van Cultivar woont en werkt al jaren tussen de koffieboeren in Peru. Dit jaar kochten we via haar wat Peruaanse lots aan. Voor onze blends maar ook als huidige seizoensspecial. Mijn tong schrok wakker tijdens de proeverij. Een sappig mondgevoel met citrus fruit, en een hoge felle aciditeit die we lang niet in het assortiment hadden. 

Het verhaal achter de plantage is er ook eentje om te delen. Lisanne verhaalt:

The Callayuc district was a lucky strike. Here is the story: Once a delicious sample of coffee was delivered to our warehouse in Jaen, but unfortunately, we lost track of the farmer, and only knew that they were from Cutervo province and we remembered the name of the community. After a search, asking friends and colleagues, Goti, our warehouse coordinator, said: “But my husband comes from the neighboring community!” We got very motivated to meet more growers and establish a relationship with them, so Goti’s husband joined us in his community again and introduced us to his family and neighbors. This was a great help in immediately establishing a certain level of trust. And this is how we met Celso and Delma. Celso and Delma were born and raised in Sector el Campo, they know each other since they were children, first as friends and then as lovers! They got married 21 years ago and nowadays have 2 sons of 24 and 20 years. In 2010 Delma’s brothers, who worked as laborers in next communities realized that coffee grows in high altitudes and in cold weathers, so they carried 1000coffee seedlings to their farm and planted them on Delma’s land. Happily, some years after they managed to harvest their first coffee cherries, other neighbors also decided to do the same. Currently Celso and Delma have 3 hectares of coffee and produce one of the best coffees in the area. They grow coffee in association with native and local trees to provide shade and to take advantage of their fruits.



Zeer verfrissende koffie. Clean, juicy lime en karamel.


Fris citrusfruit, karamel en gedroogde bessen. 





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1900 mtr